A look inside our ELA classroom!

books-words-black-backgrounds-wallpapersIn 7th grade ELA, students have been exploring the Salem Witch Trials through the eyes of a detective. We have been using various resources to analyze the circumstances leading up to the trials. Students have each selected a character that had a role in the trials and they are looking into the role his/her character played in the trials. Our essential question is asking students to discover what circumstances lead an individual to become a villain, victim, advocate, and/or bystander.

In 6th grade ELA, students are reading short stories that explore the lives and stories of immigrants to the United States. Students are reading closely to determine character traits and are working to answer the essential question: Why do people live the way they do? Throughout this unit, we are also working on how to craft an evidence response, which is the format the ELA department uses for argumentative and informative writing.

In both grade levels, students should be finished with the book they are reading for October by Wednesday, Oct. 26th in order to complete an in-class reading response.


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